Justin Tucker

LHC Worship Pastor

Psalm 133:1 

“How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!”

When we come together in harmony, great things happen. Unity among believers brings joy, peace, and blessings. Let’s explore how we can live out this truth in our daily lives:

Embrace Diversity: Recognize and appreciate the unique gifts, talents, and backgrounds of each person in our community. God created us all differently, and together we can create a beautiful tapestry of unity. Try reaching out to someone from a different cultural or social background and learn about their experiences and perspectives.

Show Love and Kindness: Treat one another with love, compassion, and respect. Be kind in your words and actions, lifting each other up instead of tearing each other down. Perform acts of kindness towards others, such as writing encouraging notes or offering help when someone is in need. Men, take out the trash without being asked.

Forgive and Reconcile: Conflict is inevitable, but forgiveness and reconciliation are essential for maintaining unity. Let go of grudges and bitterness, and seek reconciliation with those who have hurt or offended you.Take the initiative to resolve any conflicts or misunderstandings you may have with your peers. Apologize when necessary, and offer forgiveness to those who seek it.

Pray for Unity: Prayer is powerful. Lift up the community, your workplace, your school, and your home in prayer, asking God to foster a spirit of unity.Action Point: Dedicate a few minutes each day to pray for unity, asking God to guide and bless our relationships.

As we live out these action points, we will experience the goodness and pleasantness of unity. Let us be a living testimony of God’s love and grace. Remember, unity starts with each one of us. Let’s strive to be peacemakers, embracing diversity, showing love and kindness, forgiving one another, and praying for unity. May our actions reflect the heart of Psalm 133:1, and may God’s presence and blessings be evident among us.