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Marriage Matters

Marriage is hard. We know it. Even a Christian Marriage has its struggles, but no earthly relationship can have as big of an impact as a strong marriage centered on Christ. We want to help you fight for your marriage! At this years annual Marriage Conference, we launched our new ministry, Marriage Matters.  

Led by Pete and Carol Schmidlkofer, this ministry exists to support and strengthen the marriages in our church and community.  

Marriage Matters…

  • Marriage Matters to God.
    • He created it to support the family and the community.
  • Marriage Matters to our Children.
    • A mom and dad who love each other is the best gift any child could ever have.
  • Marriage Matters to your spouse.
    • Even when he or she doesn’t show it.
  • Marriage Matters to Living Hope.
    • And so, we developed a ministry that strives to stimulate surviving marriages to become vibrant and to encourage growing marriages to keep on growing, all to the glory of God.


to God. to our Children. to your Spouse. to Living Hope

Fill-in the [BLANK] Date Night

September 28

Childcare available 5:30-8pm
(Make sure they have dinner before drop off)

Register for Childcare

Night of, feed your children supper before you drop them off.  The doors open at 5:30pm – plan to retrieve the kiddos by 8:00pm.

On your mark, get set, let’s go!


Isn’t marriage _____________? Yes, there are a ton of words that could go in that blank space. But hopefully, this date will make you answer something like: fun, exciting, or fulfilling. This date is a sort of Choose Your Own Adventure. You and your spouse get to create a unique evening that works best for the two of you.

Ground Rules

  • Take a break from talking about the usual suspects—money, kids, in-laws, jobs. This is not a time to take care of checklists, this is time for your us.
  • Flirt. Be considerate, kind, relaxed, and a great listener. Act as if you’re still trying to win your spouse over.
  • As much as possible, stay off of technology. Only text or take a call if it’s an emergency. Everyone and everything will be okay. (People used to leave their homes all the time without phones, and they lived to tell about it.)
  • In many relationships, there’s a talker and a non-talker. If you’re married to a non-talker, when they talk tonight, they might not do it as well as you. Give them the time and space to find the words.

Get Ready
To help your spouse get ready, fill in the following blank: I love it when you wear ___________. Your spouse can choose to follow this suggestion or not, but it helps them to better understand more about your expectations and desires.
To choose where to go out to eat, both of you fill in this blank: Our favorite place to eat is ______. Even if you go somewhere else, this helps get the conversation started. 

Go Out
On the way to the restaurant, fill in the following fun blanks:

  • I bet our waiter will be wearing __________.
  • I’m guessing the special of the day will be ___________.
  • While we’re gone, I bet our kids will ___________.
  • I most hope that ___________ happens on our date.

See the “Dare Me”section for a fun suggestion for how to order food at the restaurant.
Once you’re at the restaurant, you’ll want to engage in conversation. But finding things to talk about can be difficult—especially topics other than in-laws, work, and kids. Complete these statements together to spark some fruitful discussions.

  • My first memory of you is __________.
  • In five years, I want to ___________.
  • I’d most love to visit __________.
  • When you __________, I want to __________.
  • __________ would play you in a movie.
  • You remind me of __________.
  • I’m most excited about ___________.
  • It makes me happiest when you __________.

Dare Me
When it comes time to place your order, here’s a fun optional step. Pick a meal secretly for one another. On a napkin (or piece of paper), write down: My spouse will be having __________.
Fold the napkin and hand your orders to the waiter without letting the other see. When the food comes out, it will be a surprise. This gives you the opportunity to order your spouse’s favorite meal, or encourage them to try something different. 
Want to try more dares? You can always use these fill-in-the-blank prompts instead. Fill them all out and then your spouse can choose to do one. 

  • I dare you to eat __________.
  • I dare you to drive to __________.
  • I dare you to tell a stranger __________.
  • I dare you do take a selfie with ___________.
  • I dare you to sing __________.
  • I dare you to dance in front of ___________.

Keep It Going
Your date isn’t over quite yet. To continue the momentum, you’re going to write a love letter to your spouse, using the fill-in-the-blank template that we’ve provided for both of you (see attached). Just complete your letters separately and give them to one another to read later.
You could read them the day after your date while sitting side-by-side on the couch. Or seal the notes in separate envelopes to read individually next week. Where you go from here is up to you. Just remember to stay connected and keep dating your spouse.