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Marriage Matters

February 12 Date Night

We’ll watch your kids so you and your spouse can spend that much need time together!
Prepare to enjoy some one-on-one time with your spouse February 12th!  Childcare is FREE – sign up here.  Please note: the deadline for childcare registration is Sunday, February 7th. 
Childcare opens at 5:30 pm; pick up your child(ren) no later than 8:30pm.

  • Marriage matters to God.
    • He created it to support the family and the community.
  • Marriage matters to our children.
    • A mom and dad who love each other is the best gift any child could ever have.
  • Marriage matters to your spouse.
    • Even when he or she doesn’t show it.
  • Marriage matters to Living Hope.
    • Marriage Matters serves to stimulate surviving marriages to become vibrant and to encourage growing marriages to keep on growing, all to the glory of God.


to God. to our Children. to your Spouse. to Living Hope