Jessica Albritton, Family Connections Minister LHBC

Isaiah 40:28-31
28 Have you not known? Have you not heard?
The Lord is the everlasting God,
    the Creator of the ends of the earth.
He does not faint or grow weary;
    his understanding is unsearchable.
29 He gives power to the faint,
    and to him who has no might he increases strength.
30 Even youths shall faint and be weary,
    and young men shall fall exhausted;
31 but they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength;
    they shall mount up with wings like eagles;
they shall run and not be weary;
    they shall walk and not faint.

I have to be honest, I HATE taking my car to the shop. Whether it’s for an oil change, getting new tires, or because there is banging and clanging going on that I don’t know where is coming from. The other week I had a light come on and I began to hear some noise that shouldn’t have been coming from under my hood. Me being me, I ignored it for a few days because taking time out of my normal routine to bring my car in to get it looked at is incredibly inconvenient. I finally gave in and made an appointment and several hundred dollars later I left with a brand new belt and my car as good as new. Checking out that day I mentioned to the guy taking my payment how I typically put off making an appointment when it comes to my car. And I don’t even know why I do it either. The place I go has a great waiting room with snacks, a friendly staff, and free wifi for customers. When I go to take my car for whatever reason I bring in my computer and crank out some work, have great conversations, I have even shared the gospel with another customer before who was also waiting to get his oil changed. In fact, every time I leave I have the thought, now that wasn’t nearly as bad as I made it out to be… Next time I need an oil change I am gonna remember this and go ahead and make that appointment to get it done! But every time when I hit the magic number I always think, again?! Ok, how many more miles can I stretch this before I have to go in? The thing about cars is, you can have the best, nicest, fastest, car, but if you don’t do routine maintenance, change the oil, rotate the tires, etc. it’s going to eventually stop working. I know that and so I always end up taking it in, even if it’s done begrudgingly. 

As I was sitting in the waiting room the other week waiting on the guys to finish up with my car I had the thought, how often have I done this same thing with the Lord? How often has my spiritual check engine light come on and I think, oh I have a few more miles I can push it. Just like a car, we need to have routine maintenance. As believers we need to be reading scripture and meditating on it. We need to be attending worship and having fellowship with other believers. We need to be praying constantly. When going to church, reading the Bible, and living it out become optional, our relationship with Jesus becomes long distance. When this occurs the check engine light comes on and we have 2 options, make an appointment with the Savior or keep pressing on for a few more miles. We may look spiritual on the outside but Christ knows our heart. Spiritual burnout is a very real thing and something no one else can see until it’s too late. I’ll tell you, going to get an oil change may be inconvenient but sitting on the side of the road waiting on the tow truck is far worse. 

Isaiah 40 is a beautiful reminder of this. Though we grow faint and weary, the Lord never does. He sustains us and renews our strength. But we have to run to Him. When we press on  in our own strength we will end up exhausted, but when we rely on the Lord we will find strength we never knew. Has your spiritual check engine come light on? Make an appointment with the Savior today and spend some time with Him! Don’t be disillusioned in thinking you can press on a few more miles without Him. He is the author, creator, and sustainer of life. He knows our every need and unlike when we pay out of pocket at the shop, He has already paid the price.

Heavenly Father, thank You for Your great love for me! When I am in desperate need for a tune up help me to rely more on You! Lord, may I never be so naïve to think I can fix it on my own. Thank You for paying the ultimate price so I can have a relationship with You and may I never take that for granted! In Jesus name, amen!

Psalm 3:3- But You oh Lord, are a shield for me; my glory and the lifter of my head.