Irvin Wasswa, Tylertown Campus Pastor LHBC

Psalm 32:1-2
Blessed is the one whose transgression is forgiven,
   whose sin is covered.
Blessed is the man against whom the Lord counts no iniquity,
   and in whose spirit there is no deceit.

When I was in Junior High there was a short time where I was considered to be one of the cool kids of my school! Now it wasn’t at all because I was cool (for my style in the early 2000s was not cool) or anything like that, but rather it was because of my next door neighbors. The family that lived next door had two kids that were around my age and their parents would pick me up from school every day. One day they pulled up in a brand new yellow Hummer! The new H1 was the vehicle of the day back in the day! You could watch movies in it. The space in it was enormous! It even had a sunroof. I had never been in anything like that before! It was the BOMB! I remember kids coming up to me and saying how cool I was because I was riding in it, and let me tell you what, I felt cool riding in it too! I remember thinking, “Man, I am blessed!” I couldn’t help but to be happy about being picked up from school in that awesome ride, I tell you what!

King David in Psalm 32 speaks about being blessed in a much greater way. He makes mention that all who have been forgiven of their transgression and sin are blessed. That word blessed there means to be happy, to be fortunate of something. Who then can consider themselves blessed? All of the saints of God who have a relationship with God through trusting in Jesus can consider themselves blessed!

Those of us who know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior have had their sins forgiven and covered by the blood of Jesus (Ephesians 1:7). God has also chosen not to count your sins against you because of the Cross of Christ (2 Corinthians 5:19). Hallelujah! Listen child of God, because of the finished work of Jesus (Death, Burial, and Resurrection), there is no longer no condemnation for us who have a relationship with Him (Romans 8:1). We can walk in this abundant life that has been given to us (John 10:10). Praise God!

Child of God this morning I want for you to know that you are forgiven and loved! Maybe you have had a checkered past. Listen, you are forgiven and loved. Maybe you have made some terrible decisions here recently and can’t seem to forgive yourself: Listen, in Christ you are forgiven and loved. You can run to Him and can confess that sin to Him and He will forgive you (1 John 1:9). Maybe the vice grips of guilt and shame have had a hold on you for awhile: Listen, in Christ you are forgiven and loved. It was for God’s love that He sent His Son to die for sinners like you and I (Romans 5:8). As a matter of fact, if Jesus had not died, there is no forgiveness/remission of sin (Hebrews 9:22). The bible also says that God loves us with an everlasting life! Wow! His love hasn’t run out, nor will it ever run out! Hallelujah!

Because of God’s love in sending His Son, all who believe are forgiven and loved. We do not have to live in the chains of guilt and shame anymore. We can walk in freedom, and because we can walk in freedom, we are blessed. The call this morning is to hide these truths in your heart and live today as children who have been forgiven and who are loved; not using this reality as a license to do whatever we want, but rather walking with Jesus and growing in Him.

SONG FOR TODAY: Forgiven and Loved- Jimmy Needham

PRAYER FOR TODAY: Dear Lord, thank you for the Cross. Thank you for sending your son Jesus to take the punishment of sin which I so deserved. Help me today to remember that I am forgiven and loved. Remind me that I have been washed in the blood and help me to walk as a forgiven and loved child of you. In Jesus’ name. Amen!

Proverbs 21:30
No wisdom, no understanding, no counsel can avail against the Lord.