Megan Evans, Women’s Ministry Director LHBC

Philippians 1:6
And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.

Our daily life may not feel noteworthy, yet we can take note that our daily life holds great worth. Each day is important work in the Master’s Hands. Paul reminds us in Philippians 1:6 that God began a good work in us and will bring this work to completion when Christ returns.  What hope we have in Jesus!

This good work is nothing short of a miracle, and can only be explained by the hand of God in our life.  God begins the work.  He pursues our heart and leads us to His saving grace.  Will we choose to accept the greatest gift ever offered to us?  We are able to love because God first loved us (1 John 4:19).  Oh that a sinful heart would allow itself to soften and lean into the grace and mercy Christ offers.  

You and I are God’s masterpiece (Ephesians 2:10).  When we surrender our life to Jesus Christ, we live out our days anew in God’s holy workshop.  God is at work making us more like Jesus.  He is the Potter who shapes and the Artist who paints.  He is the Foundryman who melts and the Blacksmith who sharpens.  He is the Gardener who prunesBeginning with God’s love and completing us with a resurrected body, He begins and completes us in Christ Jesus. What good work indeed! 

Paul wrote with certainty and confidence in his letter because he had experienced firsthand the power of a transformed life and the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit indwelling him.  Child of God, this is the power at work in us too.  

God’s good work is to make His masterpiece resemble Jesus.  It is hard sometimes to rest in His plan, but there is great peace and joy when we stop fighting His work.  It is time to hand back the tools we have taken from His Holy workshop and let Jesus wipe away the wayward shapes and smears.

Child of God, we are called to be imitators of Jesus (Galatians 5:1) and God invites us to enjoy and participate in His good work.  Each day we are invited to: 

  1.   Show up—hang out in God’s holy workshop, spend time in His presence.  Learn from the Master. Read His Word and pray.  
  2.   Show Jesus—nothing grows us more than sharing the love of Jesus with others! Live out the Word of God in your life.  

As the idiom goes, we are ‘a piece of work’…but it is good work in Christ Jesus. Our mistakes do not doom us to failure. God will never crumple up and throw away our story like we are tempted to do with pen and paper.  Our life may look more like a mess than a masterpiece today, but that is the moment God invites us to lean in the closest.  He begins and completes us in Christ Jesus. What good work indeed! 

Father God, thank you for the confidence I have in knowing you are at work in my life.  Thank you for never giving up on me.  So many times I have selfishly tried to do the work and become who I thought I needed to be.  I surrender to you Lord and hand back all the tools I have taken from your Holy Workshop.  In my hands they are nothing, but in Yours they are good work.  In Jesus Name, Amen.  

Isaiah 6:8
And I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?” Then I said, “Here I am! Send me.”