Blake Allen, Student and Outreach Minister, LHBC

1 Timothy 6:7
7 For we brought nothing into the world, and we cannot take anything out of the world.

One of the most surreal moments of my life took place this summer. I remember parking the car in the lot on a hot summer day; sweating because of the heat and nervous excitement. As I walked up to the double doors of the building with my family, each advancing step brought with it overwhelming feelings of happiness. I opened the door, entered the building, and made one of the biggest investments in my life. This was the day my wife and I closed on our house. 

We had spent the previous couple years working on our down payment and financial plans. We went all-in, committing to our financial goals. And when closing day came, we got a taste of the fruits of our labor. Though we celebrated one of the biggest milestones in our lives that day I left reminded of one truth: This Is Not My Home

What do I mean by this? This world is temporary and fleeting. When I pass away I cannot take the home I purchased with me. Sure, I can pass it on when I pass away but my biggest investment will belong to someone else who did not labor for it. The reality is my eternal dwelling place is not my current living space. 

This leads me to ask one question: Is there anything I can invest in that will have an eternal impact? I believe so! Our biggest investment shouldn’t be in our homes, vehicles, boats, or any other perishing thing. Our biggest investment should be in the kingdom of God. 

There are two ways we should be investing in God’s kingdom. That is our time and resources. None should be considered optional for the believer. God’s word welcomes our obedience to these two areas.

Your time: How do we invest in the kingdom of God? We give our schedules to Jesus. Our agendas must be kingdom agendas. And we are called to give ourselves in service to building God’s kingdom. God’s word tells us we are called to serve. Though we have to work, eat, live, etc.; we are also called to serve, invest in the lives of others, share the gospel, assemble with other believers in the church, etc. And when we are too busy to do those things required of us by God himself, then we chose man made agendas over kingdom agendas. We become too busy for God. 

This may look different for everyone in terms of how much time one can give to the church. Paul even confirms this by saying those who are single are able to give more of their time to the church. But neither Paul or the other Biblical authors excuse our failure to fulfill what God requires of us whether married or single. So, we must ask the following questions: How intentional are we with our time? And are we investing our time in the kingdom of God? 

Your Resources: How else can we invest in God’s kingdom? We can give our resources to Jesus. There is nothing we own that belongs to us ultimately. God is the author of all creation. We are just stewards of what He entrusts to us. We are called to give in light of how much God has given to us. He has given His son for us. He has given the church the keys to the kingdom. He has provided all we need for life. He continues to pour out His blessings upon our lives. How could we not give to God when he has given so much to us? 

When you read the book of Acts, we see the disciples shared their goods with one another and nobody went without. What if that was our hearts today? We are called to give our tithes and offerings to God. He calls us to a life of radical generosity. And when we choose to invest in the kingdom of God, we will reap a greater reward in heaven. Are you investing your resources in the building of God’s kingdom? We could spend our money on a host of other things. But they will all pass away and we cannot take our toys with us when we pass away. The only investment that will truly have a lasting impact is our investment in God’s kingdom. 

Will you invest in God’s kingdom or your own kingdom? 

Father, my life and resources belong to you. Take it all and use it for your glory. All of these temporary things will pass away but your word never perishes. Amen. 

Psalm 13:6
I will sing to the Lord,
    because he has dealt bountifully with me.