Megan Evans, Women’s Ministry Director, LHBC

Psalm 8:1,9 (NLT)
O LORD, our Lord, your majestic name fills the earth!

What fills the earth today?  Some might say pollution or suffering and destruction, but there is something else that doesn’t make the headlines or the nightly news.  We see it in the waves crashing along the shore. We see it as we marvel at the mountains. We see it in the laughter of a baby and the kindness of a stranger.  We see it in a life with new beginning and in unexpected hope.  We see it in new courage and the peace we can’t explain.    

It is quiet, yet it is the loudest when we listen.  O LORD, our Lord it is You!   

God’s majestic name fills the earth and is worthy of all our praise this day. Notice the way this verse begins with two names, LORDand Lord.  I have to slow myself down when I read scripture not to miss these details. It is a tender moment we get to bow in worship when we read a name of God.  Creator God, Yahweh, LORD, you made us and we love you.  Lord, we are your people and we want to serve you and follow your commands.  

There is such beauty in this verse and one that can be read slowly over and over again.  Linger over the word “majesty.”  Let it move you to awe and worship.  Try it out. Read and savor each section of this verse.  Here is an example:

“O LORD — our Lord — your majestic name — fills — the earth!”

Psalm 8 begins and ends with this same phrase. Like two hands lifted in praise, verse one and verse nine express God’s greatness with head bowed as the cluster of verses in between.  We are easily moved by people and this often robs us of opportunity to be impressed by God. Psalm 8 lifts our eyes to the Creator of the earth and resets our viewpoint of awe and splendor.  

Many will call Jesus their Savior, but will they call him their Lord?  Psalm 8:1,9 points us back to the responsibility and posture of a servant.  In our fast-paced casual world, it is easy to try to bring God down to us.  However, God’s majesty cannot be removed or manipulated.  Thankfully God is not swayed by our antics and human way.  Rather we are invited to worship the Lord in his perfect place and position of majesty over all the earth.  It is humbling then to think that we are invited to dwell in the presence of the awesome name of God.  As a child of God, it is perhaps even more humbling that our Heavenly Father calls us friend (James 2:23).  What an awesome privilege this is to walk and talk with Him daily!

Try writing Psalm 8:1,9 on a sticky note and placing it in your car or a common place in your house this week.  Let His majesty move you!  What ways can you take time to notice God’s beauty and royal power?  What ways can you bow before the King of kings?  

Father God, O LORD, our Lord, fill my life with your majestic name! Let my words, actions, and choices reflect Jesus. It is you Lord, whom I want to serve! In Jesus Name, Amen.

Psalm 136:23
It is he who remembered us in our low estate,  for his steadfast love endures forever;