Derek W. Smith 
Lead Pastor 

Psalm 37:5 
Now Joseph had a dream

Dreams. Everyone has them. It’s been said that we must keep the dream alive. I would add to that: it is the dream that keeps us alive. It is the dream of God’s calling on our life that inspires us to keep going and keep growing in Christ. Every child of God has a purpose, and that purpose is found in our relationship with Jesus. Consider, why doesn’t the Lord just take us on to Heaven after we trust in Him? Why leave us here to struggle and battle and even fail from time to time? It is because there are other people who need the gospel and God wants us to tell them. A church member without a purpose is just a consumer. Everybody needs a ministry, and everyone has a calling on their life. So, what is your dream? If money, time, and reputation were no object what would you do for the glory of God and the salvation of mankind? The answer to that question is like a window into our soul and an indicator of our dream. Step up and step out, and trust that God will use you for the building of His Kingdom. Keep the dream alive, because sometimes Jesus and the dream is all you have.