Blake Allen, Student Pastor, LHBC

Matthew 24:35

Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.

It’s amazing how our perspectives about things change over the years. I remember as a little boy, I always wanted to fit in and be “cool.” In my time, being cool meant having the newest pair of Jordans, baggy jeans, a fitted cap worn backwards, and a chain of some sort. I was “cool.” I was cooler than cool. So I thought…..

But I look back now and laugh about how I approach shopping for clothes. Who spends $200 on a pair of sneakers you will outgrow? Instead of shopping for Jordans, I am looking for discount shoes at thrift stores. Instead of wearing baggy jeans, I now prefer skinny or slim fit jeans. I may wear my cap backwards or forwards; I hardly wear a hat though. And instead of wearing a cross on my chest, I’d rather bare one on my back as a Christ follower. 

I shop for quality clothes at the cheapest prices. There are some things I may spend a little extra on but it’s few and far between. If I do buy expensive shoes, it is with birthday or Christmas money rather than money that comes from my paycheck. I approach things differently now that my perspective has changed. Ultimately, I want to focus my efforts on what actually matters. 

When I read Matthew 24:35, I am reminded of what really matters in this life. The reality is this life is fleeting. I cannot take my money, clothes, investments, possessions, etc. with me when I pass away. And yet we spend so much time focusing on the things of this world. In this season of praying for revival, God is calling us to focus our attention on Him. His eternal word gives us a road map on how to live a transformed life, focusing on what matters most. 

But how often do we spend time reading His eternal word? How often do we sit at the dinner table or in the living room as a family to discuss the living word? We know more sports facts than Bible verses. We know more trends than we know Biblical standards. We know more about the market trends than we know about Biblical instructions regarding finances. While there is nothing wrong with following sports or investing, do we have those things in our life or do they have us? 

Whatever has our time, attention, focus, energy, and devotion the most is our god. This is the danger about idols today. In the Old Testament they had a visible representation of an idol. Today, we have created idols that are both visible and invisible. God is calling you and I to rid ourselves of any idols. We are not to worry about the things of this world. God reminds us that the things of this world are passing away. But God’s word is eternal. We must pursue Him more than any other things and let His word transform our hearts. When we spend time with Jesus each and every day, it impacts the way we live our lives. His words change our perspective.


Father, this world is passing away but you are eternal. May we fix our eyes and attention upon you. Help us to realize the importance of opening up your words every day. Help us to build our lives upon you. Amen. 


Proverbs 3:5-6: Trust in the Lord with all your heart,

    and do not lean on your own understanding.

 In all your ways acknowledge him,

    and he will make straight your paths.