Day 2

Reminder: Yesterday we identified our longing for “one thing”: to know Christ. May this fiery de- sire for a friendship with Jesus continue to burn and grow all our days!

Our human will is one of our most valuable possessions. God gave us the power of decision. Our decisions determine the course of our life and destiny.

Think of how the course of your life has been directed by decisions you’ve made: Faith. College. Career. Marriage. Kids. Church. Friendships. A simple decision can change everything.

In the same way, every holy resolve to obey God changes our lives profoundly.

A consistent prayer life starts with a calculated, heroic decision. Your decision today to pray could determine the course of your destiny.

A resolve to pray is crucial, but willpower alone isn’t enough. To cultivate a prayer life requires both our resolve and God’s help. We need His grace to follow through on this decision. Paul pointed to this in the following passage.

Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling; for it is God who works in you both to will and to do for His good plea- sure. (Phil 2:12-13)

A prayer reset requires work from both us and God. While we’re working it out, God is working it in. Our resolve combined with His grace produces concrete change.

A life-altering choice is before you. Decide, by God’s grace, to cultivate a prayer life.

You’re not experimenting or giving it a try. You’re going all in. You’re burning the bridges and abandoning your heart to God because you know He’s going to help you. Your decision is firm.

I recommend a paper Bible during this Reset, but if an electronic version helps you more, that’s great too. While this book uses the New King James Version, choose the version that helps you most. Now open your Bible to Psalm 20.

Slowly read each verse in Psalm 20 and quietly tell the Lord what you’re thinking as you read each verse. Then, write either verse 4 here or the verse that grabs your attention most.

PRAY. Take a couple minutes to ponder that verse and what it means to your life. Talk to the Lord about it. 

“But one thing is needed, and Mary has chosen that good part, which will not be taken away from her.” (Luke 10:42)

Throughout this Reset we will have a daily reading in Psalms, the Gospels, and the Epistles because I’d like to win you over to this practice for life. We’ve done one of Paul’s epistles and a psalm so far today, so now let’s do a Gospel reading. Look at these words of Jesus.

What did Mary choose? She decided to sit at Jesus’ feet and hear His words. She wasn’t dissuaded by the pressure she felt to help prepare dinner for everyone. Listening to Jesus was an opportunity she wasn’t about to miss.

Jesus said just one thing is needed—hearing and retaining His word. When we decide to sit before Him, read His word and talk to Him, we’re agreeing with Him that this is the most necessary thing.

PRAY.  Ask the Lord  to give  you  insight into the Scriptures, over the next 20 days, that nothing can take away from you.

Have you decided to devote yourself in a fresh way to God? If so, you’re invited to sign the following statement.

My 20-Day Promise to God

I hereby resolve, by God’s grace, to spend at least 20 minutes a day in the secret place with Jesus, for the next 20 days.

PRAY. Say yes to Jesus’ call. Express your desires and intentions. Stay right here until your 20 minutes are up. Ask for help to follow Him as a true disciple. You may even want to post your resolve to your friends using #PrayerReset.

May your entire day be characterized by holy resolve!

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