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I’m having some trouble surrendering. I’ve struggled all my life with weakness, and authority. I’m only 17 but I suffer so much from my past mistakes and decision. Im constantly emotional about everything. I have anxiety and depression, it runs in the family. Growing up with the pain and not knowing what to do about it or why it’s happening is killing me. I lost my best friend in May of 2022 and that destroyed me. I was at my lowest point when I lost him. I still carry that pain with me everyday. I have so many problems aside from constantly feeling alone and unwanted. I heard pastor Derek saying on Easter Sunday that if I want to be near God I should be in church. So I’m slowly coming each week. I know everyone says read your bible and pray, and I want to but obviously sin gets in the way. I’m at the point where I’m hurting my family and unable to do my job. I’m not a person who likes showing weakness or being dainty and this is completely outside my comfort zone but it helps that this is anonymous. See I grow up in an extremely healthy family environment and I’ve grown up in church, but got in with the wrong crowds when I am extremely vulnerable. So please pray for me and I will try and continue to pray. If you have any advice for me my number is (931) 228-0084. Thank you for the support!

Received: April 17, 2023