Justin Tucker

LHC Worship Pastor

John 5:8-9

8 “Get up,” Jesus told him, “pick up your bedroll and walk!” 9 Instantly the man got well, picked up his bedroll, and started to walk.

In John chapter 5, we encounter the story of a man who had been an invalid for 38 years, lying by the pool of Bethesda, waiting for someone to help him into the water when the angel stirred it. But every time he tried to get in, someone else would beat him to it. It was in this state of hopelessness that Jesus found him and asked him, “Do you want to be healed?”

At first, the man didn’t answer the question directly. He complained about not having anyone to help him into the water. But Jesus didn’t need anyone to help Him perform a miracle. He simply told the man to get up, pick up his mat, and walk. And that’s exactly what happened. The man was healed and he obeyed Jesus’ command.

This story teaches us several important lessons. First, it shows us that Jesus has the power to heal. No matter how long we have been suffering or how hopeless our situation seems, Jesus can heal us. We just need to have faith in Him and trust that He will do what is best for us.

Second, it reminds us that Jesus is not limited by our circumstances. The man had been lying by the pool for 38 years, but Jesus didn’t need to wait for the angel to stir the water. He could perform a miracle anytime, anywhere, and in any situation. We don’t need to wait for the perfect conditions to come before we come to Jesus. He can work in our lives right now, no matter what is going on around us.

Finally, this story shows us the importance of obedience. The man didn’t argue with Jesus or question His authority. He simply obeyed His command to get up and walk. Likewise, when we come to Jesus, we need to be willing to obey His commands, even if they don’t make sense to us at the time. He knows what is best for us and His commands are for our good.

So, as we go about our day, let us remember the story of the man by the pool of Bethesda and the lessons it teaches us. Let us have faith in Jesus’ power to heal, trust that He is not limited by our circumstances, and be obedient to His commands. May we find hope and strength in Him, knowing that He is with us always.