Blake Allen

Dunbar Cave Campus Pastor 

John 1:10-11

10 He was in the world, and the world was made through him, yet the world did not know him. He came to his own, and his own people did not receive him. 

It’s crazy to think that the creator of the universe came to His own creation yet the world did not know their creator. His own people rejected Him. Some rejected because He did not fit their idea of a Messiah. Some rejected because He didn’t meet their expectations. Some rejected Him and were only there for what they could get out of Him (miracles, healings, etc.). And if we are honest, we have done the same. 

When life becomes about what I can get from God rather than how I can give praise to God, we have traded the creator for the created things of this world. We get caught up in the stuff of this world rather than getting caught up with the one who made the stuff. How does this happen? 

Why do we spend more time, energy, and focus on new toys than serving and giving? Why do we know more about sports statistics than we do about the Bible? Why spend more time binge watching Netflix than knowing our God intimately? It is because we have traded the creator for the created. 

There is nothing wrong with enjoying life and God’s creation. There is a problem when we enjoy it without Him and prioritize the created things over the creator. Apart from a right relationship with God, we cannot fully enjoy life the way God intended. And ultimate joy and satisfaction comes from the creator, not the created. If the world was made through Him, then He has the manual on how it works and the ways it can be best enjoyed. And it comes by receiving Christ in your life. Deny yourself. Take up your cross. Follow Jesus. You will find life is sweeter this way.